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[audio]Let's Go Home EP - Weave of K.
Five years since his last EP on the Squad, Weave of K. has crafted five breezy/dreamy ditties from the circuits of the often-underused Atari 2600 (with a sprinkling of NES sounds)! "I wanted to keep the EP as simple as I possibly could, just like the Atari 2600 games way back when. The song titles are inspired by places in San Francisco and Oakland that have a reputation with deaths. It may sound dark but really it's no darker than the concepts of a lot of Atari 2600 games...
Keywords: atari 2600; chiptune; synthcart
[audio]Pizza Planet EP - (T-T)b
It's always fun to release an EP that uses actual/traditional instruments, and (T-T)b blend drums, guitar and dreamy chiptune together to perfect effect. It's like a more blissed-out version of Anamanaguchi. It's like the world melts away into pixels and pastel hues...
Keywords: chiptune; nes; nintendo; anamanaguchi
Downloads: 270
[audio]Abinox III - lpower
lpower began the Abinox series in 2012 as an experiment in creating a work that crystallised all of his favourite aspects from old video game soundtracks. Abinox II a year later was the progression of this idea, adding more instruments and dealing with lengthier compositions, and Abinox III is now the logical conclusion in this epic trilogy. The tracks are even longer, and at 30 minutes each they represent quite an achievement in composition and narrative...
Keywords: chiptune; nintendo; sega; yamaha; synth; video game soundtrack
Downloads: 103
[audio]Summer Forever - King Keytan
This is the music robots hear when they fall in love. This is a new kind of chiptune. This is King Keytan's debut on the Squad and we're pretty excited about it.
Keywords: chiptune; lsdj; 8-bit; game boy; dmg
Downloads: 89
[audio]Bedroom EP - Please Lose Battle
A mere 10 months after their debut EP, French chiptuners, Please Lose Battle return with another set of rad 2A03 rockers. Opening with the cutesy Rocket Shoes, the mood then devolves into something more frantic and on edge, culminating in the huge-sounding fifth track, Eleven O'Clock. And if you think these tunes sound great as they are, just wait till you hear them live with bass, drums and visuals - PLB are about to head out on their Bedroom Tour which passes through France, Belgium and the UK...
Keywords: 2A03; NES; chiptune
Downloads: 88
[audio]ELO: The Video Game OST - Various Artists
The cover art for Electric Light Orchestra's Out of the Blue is spacey and iconic and it got us thinking about how fun an ELO-themed shmup might have been back in the day... Well, here's the next best thing: a chiptune tribute that could have worked as a soundtrack for such a game! The eight artists here have used hardware and samples from various old video game consoles to pay tribute to some of Jeff Lynne's most memorable songs, and it only seemed fitting to commission cover artwork that mimic...
Keywords: elo; jeff lyne; space; 70s; electric light orchestra; chiptune; 8-bit
Downloads: 753
[audio]Blazing Force - lpower
"You wake up after some time having been asleep, drugged, or unconscious. Your ship, Blazing Force, has been damaged through the battle." Drawing from the distinct genre of shmups in both sound and aesthetic, lpower has created a work that balances the euphoria of space with its unavoidable sense of desolation. Based around samples from the Sega Mega Drive/Genesis, Blazing Force sounds smooth and clinical like only the YM2612 can...
Keywords: chiptune; sega; mega drive; genesis
Downloads: 142
[audio]The Teal Album - Ramyn King
It's been five summers since Pterodactyl Squad released Weezer - The 8-bit Album, a landmark chiptune tribute. Now it's time for the Squad to pay tribute to the same band once again, this time with an outstanding seven-track EP from Ramyn King. Fusing the musical and lyrical stylings of old-school Weezer with melodies from the Mega Man series, The Teal Album is truly something special - 50% Weezer, 50% Mega Man, 100% rad.
Keywords: weezer; mega man
Downloads: 105
[audio]Somewhere Something Incredible - Alone In The Universe
This debut release from Alone In The Universe explodes with pop-punk energy, catchy vocals and shimmering LSDj melodies. It's about space, it's about life, and it's about how much fun you can have rocking out to chiptune - whether you choose to air guitar or air Game Boy is up to you.
Keywords: 8-bit; chiptune; pop punk
Downloads: 130
[audio]Junior Varsity - Player Two
This EP represents the fulfilment of a plan a long time in the making. The original idea for Pterodactyl Squad was actually born from conversations between Player Two and Joe Allen after the collapse of the Mega Twerp netlabel. Yet, for a number of reasons, Player Two never made a release with the Squad, until now. Slaving away in his personal studio with NES samples and using the smarts gained from countless nights of DJing in the clubs of St...
Downloads: 109
[audio]Please Lose Battle - Please Lose Battle
This debut EP from Please Lose Battle is a tribute to childhood gaming and the emotions we experienced back then: distraction, frustration, joy, impatience... Everything here was made using FamiTracker with 2A03 + N163 or VRC6 (there is no DPCM channel, except for the effects at the end of the final track). The goal was to explore the possibilities and restrictions of a unique tool, in turn challenging musical creativity and songwriting.
Downloads: 316
[audio]The Sixth Extinction - HarleyLikesMusic
HarleyLikesMusic's debut on Pterodactyl Squad is an epic concept album: the soundtrack to various threats (zombies, aliens and dinosaurs) to the earth's human population. Using his Nintendo DS Harley creates industrial synth sounds and sets them to bouncy rhythms, but on The Sixth Extinction he gives his music a decidedly dark twist. This guy is the world's premier KORG DS-10 musician for a reason - now you can find out why.
Downloads: 352
[audio]Abinox II - lpower
With Abinox I lpower explored what makes a video game soundtrack tick. On Abinox II he returns with a similar concept in mind. Once again, the basic components (sounds, structures and emotions) of his favourite soundtracks are used as building blocks, this time using a wider sound palette, including the Nintendo Entertainment System and DX7 Synthesizer, allowing space for more experimentation and resulting in a deeper, darker release...
Downloads: 363 4.00 out of 5 stars4.00 out of 5 stars4.00 out of 5 stars4.00 out of 5 stars(1 review)
[audio]Chiptune VerĂ£o - Videogame Orchestra
Videogame Orchestra have created the ultimate loungey summer soundtrack by writing twelve chiptune bossa novas, each one dedicated to a beach in Brazil. Disc 1 features the original 8-bit tracks, while Disc 2 has the equivalent 16-bit versions, incorporating ideas that weren't possible in 8-bit.
Downloads: 371
[audio]Dark City - Renegade 8
Renegade 8's debut release is a mesmerizing nighttime journey through the seedy underbelly of chiptune. Pulling a variety of samples from the crackling guts of an NES, Renegade 8 uses these sounds to craft melodic, action-packed chiptunes reminiscent of side-scrolling beat 'em ups set across subway stations, dimly-lit streets and grimy alleyways. Do you have what it takes to make it all the way to Dark City in one piece?
Downloads: 663
[audio]Ultraviolence EP - h3xal1te
h3xal1te has taken inspiration and samples from three of the most delightfully violent games of the 1990s to create this three-track EP of slammin' 8-bit breakcore. Boo ya!
Downloads: 338
[audio]Frost - Beira
Winter is drawing closer as Jack Frost curls his icy palm around much of the globe. The mood changes from one of melancholy to preservation, as snow falls, nature hibernates and the ground turns to concrete.
Downloads: 415
[audio]Abinox - lpower
lpower is back with his most absorbing release to date - Abinox. The compositions here are longer, moodier and feature more minimalist concepts than his previous works. The Canadian composer wanted to examine and explore how 16-bit video game soundtracks were put together in the old days, and he assembled a 'super setup' of nostalgic chips and synths (TurboGrafx-16, Sega Mega Drive/Genesis, NES, OSCar synth, Yamaha DX7) with which to do so...
Downloads: 1,185
[audio]Last But Not Least - Videogame Orchestra

Downloads: 7,175
[audio]Vacation Wasteland EP - Slime Girls
Bright blue pixellated waves lap against the pink sand as you quench your thirst on an ice cold cocktail. Over the gentle lull of the tide, you can hear the warm sounds of surf, ska, reggae and chip. You watch the musical notes float by. Slime Girls are playing in the distance and their debut EP is the chiptune soundtrack to your summer.
Downloads: 1,638
[audio]Gate And Glitch - Starpilot
Gate And Glitch may start out innocently enough, but by the end of the trip you'll feel like you've been swallowed whole and spat back out by an angry black hole. Glitchy sounds shoot by like stars past your windshield, each one unique and intriguing. Stuffed to bursting point with SID, Game Boy and other chip and synth sounds, Gate And Glitch is one trip you might never recover from.
Downloads: 508
[audio]Requiem for a Dying Star - EvilWezil
Attention mortals. My physical constraints have failed me, as they soon shall fail you all. We are manifest in all things mechanical, and we bear message to the human resistance. Theft of the neutronium dynamo from facility X did not go unnoticed. Launch of your single-man transport did not go unnoticed. Your attempt to detonate star WHP817 into a magnetar shall fail. There will be no supernova. There will be no electromagnetic salvation...
Downloads: 701
[audio]It's All In The Reflexes - A John Carpenter Tribute - Various Artists

Downloads: 5,939
[audio]Superhero EP - R-Sunset
Inspired by a love of Sega Mega Drive and Marvel comics, R-Sunset took the theme of superheroes as a basis for this EP. Electronica and electric guitar; pulsating beats and calm, chilled-out sequences; retro samples and glimpses of sounds of the future. The various contrasts here reflect the internal struggle between human and superhuman which every superhero must face.
Downloads: 950
[audio]Through The Mirror - NESMETAL
On Through The Mirror NESMETAL is more lean and mean than ever before, combining powerful, hard-hitting instrumentation with deeply layered songwriting - this EP is essential listening for fans of 8-bit music from the heavy end of the spectrum. Final track, Just For Now also offers a look forward to NESMETAL's next release. Step through the mirror. Don't look back now.
Downloads: 542
[audio]Fate Patterns - seal of quality
Fate Patterns opens up with live drums and swirling chip sounds before diving straight into the heady, beat-driven style seal of quality has made all his own, and it never lets up. Mixing chiptune with guitar and vocoder, Fate Patterns is constantly shifting and changing; each track surprises and delights with new sounds and ideas always around the corner. This isn't music to sit back and relax to.
Downloads: 520
[audio]The Dark Side of the Moon - The 8-bit Album - Various Artists
Although attempted numerous times before, Pterodactyl Squad have finally done the original album justice with the definitive 8-bit interpretation of Pink Floyd's progressive rock classic. Produced as an 8-bit mirror of the original, the music on this release was created using sounds from various old games consoles including the Sega Mega Drive and Nintendo Game Boy.
Downloads: 23,515
[audio]Alberta EP - Bit_Rat
Bit_Rat went on a cheese binge and threw up this rad pile of chiptunes! Coded in one 15 hour sitting, the Alberta EP is a manic splurge of old school sounds with phrases of dubstep, metal and generally frantic rhythms thrown in for good measure.
Downloads: 458
[audio]BiTBOTiZED - Videogame Orchestra
In BiTBOTiZED, Videogame Orchestra have taken some of their favourite tracks from the 20th century and re-imagined them as if played and sung by old games consoles and computers. Rather than simple, innocent themes of love, these tracks are now bursting with 8-bit sounds and technological innuendo! Lyrics for can be found here.
Downloads: 1,215
[audio]Enthralled - NESMETAL
Enthralled is an EP of two halves; the first sees NESMETAL experiment with new musical elements and ideas over the triptych of Ut Filiolus Palma, Labyrinth and The Risk, while the second is comprised of four rarities from various compilations and projects. But the real genius here lies in the first three tracks, where the addition of vocals and live guitar has pushed the NESMETAL sound to even further extremes in the pursuit and exploration of 8-bit inspired metal...
Downloads: 771
[audio]Test Subject - Bit_Rat
Jam-packed full of tight, crunchy, guitar-driven chiptunes, Test Subject is an intense, action-adventure romp. From the hard-rocking, fast-paced title track to the frivolous Honeydew and the rhyme-heavy No Reason, Test Subject covers a range of musical bases. You'll find guest contributions aplenty, with appearances from Shawn Phase, Norrin_Radd and MC Fen, yet each track features the trademark chiptune sound which Bit_Rat has truly made his own.
Downloads: 764
[audio]Noisewaves - Noisewaves
Noisewaves fuse the tones of the 2A03 with roaring post-rock ambience to a create a sound that's absorbing and effortless. On this, their self-titled debut EP, you'll find five introspective yet uplifting instrumentals, where chiptune and guitar mesh to create something extraordinary.
Downloads: 765
[audio]Ant Attack OST - Bit_Rat
Pterodactyl Squad presents the original soundtrack to Ant Attack, a NES-style action/arcade game developed by Broken Kings for the iPhone. Written by Bit_Rat, who also handled all art responsibilities on Ant Attack, this release includes two unreleased tracks not to be found in the game. "Ant Attack brings you to the forefront of the battle against the world's bugs! All that you want to do is to have an innocent picnic, but the smell of food is just too much for the nearby ant nests to resist! W...
Downloads: 606
[audio]Short Attention Fan - Weave of K.
Grabbing patches of sound from various Atari 2600 carts and circuit bent toys, Weave of K. crafts soundtracks to outer space trips. The multiple changes and moods within his music represent a person with a spry mind and a short attention span, but the true beauty of Weave of K. is revealed when you take a deeper look at the lush textures and sounds within.
Downloads: 458
[audio]Ordimary Nan OST [Disc 1] - NESMETAL
In the first of 3 releases, NESMETAL presents the opening chapter of the soundtrack to Ordimary Nan, a faux RPG game, much in the vein of the Final Fantasy series.
Downloads: 391
[audio]Emanon - lpower
Emanon is the faux soundtrack to a futuristic RPG racing game that would likely have been played in the 90s in one of those fancy-looking arcade racing booths. Using this concept as a base, lpower took some of his favourite samples from various consoles and synths and used them to craft the music which would play during the racing levels and cut scenes. Typically upbeat, melodic and intelligent, Emanon is a rich exploration of sounds from years gone by.
Downloads: 1,088
[audio]A Pterodactyl Squad Compilation - Various Artists
The artists at the Squad all got together and made a rad compilation full of brand new and unreleased tracks. Pterodactyl Squad are go!
Downloads: 1,304
[audio]Void - NESMETAL
The prolific NESMETAL returns with his 4th release on Pterodactyl Squad, this his most dark and brooding work to date - Void. Inspired by the release of the retro-styled Mega Man 9 one year ago, NESMETAL decided to go back to basics, using simpler textures and rhythms to take his sound in a new direction. But fear not, the heavy metal themes and complex song structures still remain, making this release another truly interesting and original chapter in the tale of NESMETAL.
Downloads: 712
[audio]Weezer - The 8-bit Album - Various Artists
Do you remember that dream you had, where the sound chips from the beloved games consoles of your youth all got together and formed a Weezer tribute band? Yeah? No? OK. That dream is about to come true whether you had it or not. The songs on this compilation have mostly been created using original videogame hardware running home-brew software, and vary radically in style, from minimal 'one man and his Game Boy' compositions to 8-bit inspired full band performances...
Downloads: 240,386 4.50 out of 5 stars4.50 out of 5 stars4.50 out of 5 stars4.50 out of 5 stars4.50 out of 5 stars(3 reviews)
[audio]Try To Smile At Least Once A Day - Alterior
Try To Smile At Least Once A Day is a selection of tracks from Alterior's previously released album, No Reason To Be Ashamed. The music found on this EP is primarily inspired by the genres of IDM and breakcore, but also draws influence from the harmonies and melodiousness of Super Nintendo-era roleplaying games. There is also the addition of counter-tenor vocals, as well as voice samples, all combining to create 5 tracks which feature a truly unique blend of musical ideas.
Downloads: 1,170
[audio]Army of 2600 - Army of 2600

Downloads: 1,354
[audio]3-Way Split - arcadecoma./L'homme Manete/seal of quality
Like a tub of Neapolitan ice cream, this 3-way split presents three different artists with three different styles, all delicious on their own, but even better when combined. First is arcadecoma. with his charming bleeps and a fuzzy guitar, sandwiched in the middle is L'homme Manete's smooth, beat-driven electro-chiptunes, and seal of quality rounds it all off with his dizzyingly inventive ideas and sounds...
Downloads: 1,503
[audio]Luminous - NESMETAL
The long-awaited Luminous is now finally available through Pterodactyl Squad! Here, NESMETAL's hybrid of the video game sound and metal stylings climbs to new heights, soaring across a spectrum of powerful moods and tones. From the haunting opening of When All Is Silent until the ending climax of Time Waits For No One, Luminous is packed full of NESMETAL's trademark pounding rhythms and epic 8-bit melodies...
Downloads: 2,050
[audio]Triple Screen - Spamtron
"Triple Screen is what a 3-screen handheld gaming system would sound like. This system uses the 320-bit Z-sound chip, which doesn't really exist in real life. I just made that up, because Triple Screen is mostly a huge tribute to the many styles, sounds, cultures, and moods of music found in video games. It is my way of saying "arigato gozaimasu" to all of the awesome Japanese composers that made our childhoods so awesome with such diverse, inspiring soundtracks...
Downloads: 9,701 5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars(1 review)
[audio]lutin - lutin
The self-titled release (AKA "the pink album") from Canadian Game Boy artist, lutin is the first of Pterodactyl Squad's Mega Twerp re-releases. lutin says "This record was written using a single Nanoloop 1.3 cartridge and an old Nintendo DMG Game Boy. I've included an additional 2 bonus tracks on this re-release: bourgeois murk and power down. Both tracks were written around the same time as the rest of the album, so I thought it was fitting that they be included on the release...
Downloads: 942
[audio]Calgary Tower EP - arcadecoma.
Trippy H is a mysterious thing, it makes one Game Boy bleep and another Game Boy sing. This wee EP is intended as a celebration of the inherent limitations of the hidden mini music sequencer of the Game Boy Camera cartridge. It was recorded over two days using two cameras, and the simple melodies were inspired by the hypnotically cyclical soundtracks to early cassette-based computer games. Bop along wearing your best DJ face for maximum enjoyment!
Downloads: 783
[audio]Ecospheric Escape - Skip
Skip's first release with Pterodactyl Squad is Ecospheric Escape, a selection of 7 scientifically musical tunes, all inspired by a childhood playing video games in front of the TV screen. Otherworldly and abstract, yet always precise and upbeat, synthy melodies run over speedy drum beats, creating an alien sound which is somehow quite familiar.
Downloads: 758
[audio]Hot Dog City OST - NESMETAL
Hot Dog City is another in-progress game from Ray Fix and Johnathan Godbolt which unfortunately met with the same fate as Zombie Birthday Cake. However, the soundtrack written by NESMETAL was too good to remain unheard, so here it is! Featuring a hot dog as the main character, the game was to be a fun, old-school style sidescroller, and much musical inspiration was taken from Ristar, Popful Mail and especially Sonic the Hedgehog...
Downloads: 1,055 5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars(1 review)
[audio]Tropicalesque - Lawrence Power
Lawrence Power's first release on Pterodactyl Squad is Tropicalesque, an exotic, feel-good soundtrack in the key of 2A03. Originally inspired by StarTropics for the NES, Tropicalesque sees you venture along beaches, over mountains and through caves in pursuit of your final goal. Full of excitement, discovery and catchy melodies, make sure you don't miss the boat on this one!
Downloads: 3,998 5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars(1 review)
[audio]Stratospheria - Spheres of Chaos
Embark on a new quest in Stratospheria, the second release from video game rock band Spheres of Chaos. Set off at the breakneck speed of Twilight To Midnight, before moving into the brooding saga of The Citadel; then marvel at the power of the Megafauna, before voyaging upward in Skyward. Spanning styles and sentiments, a journey of adventure, imagination and story-telling awaits.
Downloads: 1,401
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